holypipette.config module

Support for configuration objects (based on the param package)

class holypipette.config.Config(value_changed=None, *args, **kwds)[source]

Bases: Parameterized

params(name=String) Parameters of ‘Config’ ======================  Object has no parameters.

name = 'Config'
class holypipette.config.NumberWithUnit(default, unit, magnitude=1.0, *args, **kwds)[source]

Bases: Number

A numeric Dynamic Parameter, with a default value and optional bounds.

There are two types of bounds: bounds and softbounds. bounds are hard bounds: the parameter must have a value within the specified range. The default bounds are (None,None), meaning there are actually no hard bounds. One or both bounds can be set by specifying a value (e.g. bounds=(None,10) means there is no lower bound, and an upper bound of 10). Bounds are inclusive by default, but exclusivity can be specified for each bound by setting inclusive_bounds (e.g. inclusive_bounds=(True,False) specifies an exclusive upper bound).

Number is also a type of Dynamic parameter, so its value can be set to a callable to get a dynamically generated number (see Dynamic).

When not being dynamically generated, bounds are checked when a Number is created or set. Using a default value outside the hard bounds, or one that is not numeric, results in an exception. When being dynamically generated, bounds are checked when the value of a Number is requested. A generated value that is not numeric, or is outside the hard bounds, results in an exception.

As a special case, if allow_None=True (which is true by default if the parameter has a default of None when declared) then a value of None is also allowed.

A separate function set_in_bounds() is provided that will silently crop the given value into the legal range, for use in, for instance, a GUI.

softbounds are present to indicate the typical range of the parameter, but are not enforced. Setting the soft bounds allows, for instance, a GUI to know what values to display on sliders for the Number.

Example of creating a Number:

AB = Number(default=0.5, bounds=(None,10), softbounds=(0,1), doc='Distance from A to B.')